• 難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第1篇

    My summer vacation life is coming to an end, today, I want to review my summer vacation life, for my summer vacation to draw a successful end, see what I harvest, and what happened to the unforgettable things.

    First of all, during this summer vacation, I became a little lazy because I didnt go to school for a long time. Should have gotten up at seven in the morning, but I often sleep until more than eight o clock, in addition, in the nap when I sleep on three or four hours, to ten o clock at night to sleep, often stay up late to watch TV, when I write homework, and write for a while, rest for a while, until soon to start school, my summer homework was barely finished.

    Then harvest, in this summer vacation, mom and dad gave me an English tutoring class, I not only consolidated the previous knowledge in the English tutoring class, but also learned a lot of new knowledge.

    In this summer vacation, I have both gains and losses. Next summer vacation, I will definitely get rid of those bad habits, and strive to a higher level!





    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第2篇

    The new summer holiday is coming. As we know, summer is a beautiful season.

    During the coming summer holiday, I am going to study English. Then I am going to borrow some science books from the library and discuss problems with my classmates, I ll help my parents do some housework in my house, and I ll water the flowers and trees our garden. I am going to play basketball, volleyball and badminton with my neighbours in the afternoon.

    At the same time, if my father has time, he ll teach me to swim. I ll have fun.




    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第3篇

    This summer vacation, I m going to take it easy. Greet the 5th grade with a good spirit.

    I m going to do a few things that make sense in the summer vacation.

    I m planning to go to the spring valley, because there are hundreds of different kinds of hot springs, and I mainly want to understand the big changes in China in recent years.

    I plan to go for a picnic, because I go to spring outing, I can try a picnic. So take this summer vacation for a picnic.

    I m also going to ask my cousin, my cousin and my cousin to go to the tree planting. I m going to plant it myself, and I m going to call this tree the hope tree.

    I m also going to take out my little broom. Sweep the entire small room. I swept out a small room with a very personal character.

    I will be happy and happy to have this hot summer vacation.








    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第4篇







    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第5篇

    There are many things that happened in the summer vacation, but of course, what impressed me most was to go to the scenic and rich grandpas home!

    I still remember that day, my father and I packed some things and set out. Because Grandpas house is a little tall, later on a part of the road had to walk up. The scenery along the way is beautiful! There are clear streams, countless waterfalls, some large, some small, as long as the place is washed through, are particularly clean. There are tree-lined paths and green ponds.

    With a happy mood, I came to my grandfathers house, there is a big fish pond in front of my grandfathers house, and the fish pond is fed with many fish, all kinds of fish. There is a beach below Grandpas house, clear water, flowing slowly from above, and occasionally you can catch crabs! There are often some long-legged insects on the water surface, pushing around on the water every day, do not know what to do.

    Oh, how time flies! I have to go home again! Really hate to leave, next time I will go to grandpas house to play!





    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第6篇

    There is also a stream in Yueliangwan. The water is very clear and the stream is very long, like a green ribbon floating down the mountain. Everyone was playing in the stream and had a water battle. Everyone chased each other, and laughter filled the whole mountain.

    I was scared. But after I got into the water, I didn't feel afraid at all. Slowly, I would hold the swimming circle and swim around in the water, just like a happy little fish. We all had a good time.

    This is really a happy and unforgettable summer vacation.

    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第7篇

    During the summer vacation, my parents not only took me to the Shanghai World Expo, but also arranged a free trip to Yangshuo, Guilin. We stayed in Yangshuo for two days, although it wasnt a long time, I thought we had the most fun. We not only went to many novel tourist attractions, but also tasted many delicious snacks.

    In Yangshuo, I had an impression of Liu Sanjie. Her stage was built on the Lijiang River, with a large area of mountains and waters as the background, and the lighting shone between the mountains and waters, making it very spectacular. Sometimes actors sit on boats singing, sometimes a group of people sing with torches on the shore, which fully demonstrates their love for singing personality.

    The next morning, we went to the Silver Rock Karst Cave. There was no silver inside, but rather some strange shaped stalactites and dazzling lights. After listening to the guides explanation, I realized that there were many types of stalactites, such as stalagmites and pillars. The imaginative guides guide us to imagine the ever-changing stalactites as Sun Wukong, waterfalls, ice cliffs, umbrellas, old gentlemen, etc. In some places, the water pools even reflect the illusion of stone pillars, and the scenery is truly breathtaking.

    Later, we arranged a bamboo raft tour of the Li River and the Yulong River, respectively. When visiting the Lijiang River, you can enjoy the scenery of water and mountains while also experiencing the fun of boating, which is very interesting. On the Li River, there is a small island called Wedding Island, where you can see Yuanbao Mountain. Therefore, everyone rushed to stand above and take photos, because the back of the RMB 20 was taken from here.

    The most distinctive feature of encountering the Dragon River is passing through several high and low undulating dams midway, and the bamboo raft falls like a surfer, which is really exciting. Along the banks of the Yulong River, you can see the Moon Mountain with a crescent shaped entrance. You can also stop on the way and enjoy a barbecue in the middle of the river. In addition, I also see people washing clothes by the river, and there are restaurants built by foreigners by the riverbed.

    Yangshuo is truly beautiful, and everything in front of me quietly stays in my heart during this journey.







    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第8篇

    In the coming summer holiday I am going to do a lot of interesting things.

    First I will finish my holiday homework. Second I am going to have a good rest. I am going to play computer games or listen to music when I am free because I like them very much. But I am not good at them now.

    Then I will join a basketball club to play basketball. Even if I was a girl I like basketball very much. It can not only make me become sunny cheerful but also can make me healthy. Finally I am going to visit some of my friends.

    We are going to play together. Maybe we will go sightseeing. I think I will have a great summer holiday.





    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第9篇


    你們聽聽! 在暑假的一天,我和媽媽到廣場上。媽媽在看別人跳舞,而我在看別人騎自行車。因為我不會騎車,所以我一看到別人騎車就特別羨慕。我心想:如果我會騎自行車,那該多好呀!沒過多久,爸爸就買了一輛自行車,我迫不及待地叫媽媽叫我騎自行車。 吃完晚飯,我叫媽媽去教我騎自行車。我以為騎車很容易的。沒想到,我坐上車墊,手腳就開始發抖了,我叫媽媽一定要扶住我。媽媽一放手,我就倒了下來。我對媽媽說:原來騎單車這么難的,我不想學了。媽媽說:很多事都是說起來容易,做起來就難了,你不要半途而廢。不然,你就永遠都學不會騎車,你要經常練才學會的。加油,媽媽相信你! 第二天,我主動叫媽媽帶我到廣場去練騎車。我坐上了車墊,媽媽在后面推著我,我只是在看媽媽,沒有看前方。媽媽對我說:要打好十二分精神地看前方。媽媽慢慢地放開手,我還騎著車,不倒了。我經過重重困難終于學會了騎單車。 我永遠忘不了媽媽對我說過的話,也永遠忘不了我是怎樣學會騎單車的。這是我一個難忘的假期!


    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第10篇

    My summer life was when my mother enrolled me in a tutoring class, where I learned a lot of knowledge. During class, Teacher Xu taught us very seriously and carefully. One day the weather was very hot, and the teacher also bought us big watermelons to eat. By noon, the teacher had already prepared the meal, and after lunch, we could have a good sleep.

    After resting for a while, we started our afternoon class again. We had English class in the afternoon, and I was very excited in my heart. This is my first English class. I need to listen attentively to the teacher and remember what they are saying. This is my happiest summer vacation.



    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第11篇

    This summer holiday, I had a happy and full time. Although I could not go out to travel, but after I finished my homework reasonably every day, my father would take my brother and I to play outside, lake, playground, park... We left our laughter everywhere.

    During the holiday, I learned how to swim. The first time I had a swimming lesson, I quickly changed into my swimsuit and got into the water happily. The water is cool, a little cold, the first lesson is to learn to hold my breath, I took a breath and buried my head in the water, slowly exhaled, repeated several times, I learned to breathe.

    Later, the coach taught me the breaststroke action, first practice the hand action, and then practice the leg action, and finally combine the hands and legs, after practice, the coach let me back float, water familiar with the action.

    In this process, I choked, cried, and thought of giving up, but under the patient guidance of the coach over and over again, and with the encouragement of my father, I finally learned to swim.

    After this incident, I understand that we should stick to what we do, not afraid of difficulties, so as to achieve success.






    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第12篇







    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第13篇

    Tuesday, August 25th Sunny

    Everyone has their own little secret, maybe its funny, maybe its embarrassing, but it should be colorful. Now, I want to share my secret with everyone.

    I remember on my tenth birthday, I had a good time eating and drinking. I had enough cola and juice. But because I drank too much, in the end... oh, this is really the saddest thing in my life. Even bedwetting at the age of ten.

    At that time, I just thought: No, I have to think about what to do. If my parents find out, I will be miserable. By the way, you can use a hair dryer to dry it. I plugged in the electricity and blew for half an hour before drying the quilt and sheets. Oh, I managed to escape the disaster, but the bed still smells a bit smelly. I thought again: Why dont we just make do for one night and find a reason for my mother to help me wash it tomorrow when the weather is good. The next day, I pleaded that the bed sheets were too dirty and needed to be changed, and asked my mother to take advantage of the good weather to wash and dry them. But, Mom said, the sheets and covers were just changed the day before yesterday. Then, she looked at me with a skeptical expression on her face. When I saw that the situation was not good, I quickly said, _Oh, its okay, Ill go do my homework._ I had no choice but to sleep on the smelly sheets for a week. Finally, my mother helped me change the bed sheets. This shameful incident of being lost at home has also become my most unforgettable secret. Now speaking up, I feel much more relaxed. Friend, if you have any secrets, please speak them out in pain.

    8月25日 星期二 晴




    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第14篇

    My summer vacation life is colorful, although it has been more than a month, but the good memories of the summer vacation are still fresh in my mind.

    The most unforgettable is in the playground that day, the weather was sunny, cloudless, I finished my homework, not pestered my sister to play in the playground, my sister readily agreed.

    We came to the playground, wow! Here is really a sea of people, lively, all kinds of amusement facilities, let people too dizzying. I said to my sister, _I want to go on a roller coaster._ Sister said: _OK, lets go and try!_ I am happy to jump three feet high, my sister and I sat on the _mouse_ roller coaster, wearing good equipment, just listen to _boom_ a sound, the roller coaster quickly ran forward, a blink of an eye, _mouse_ has rushed to the _top of the mountain_, and then rushed down, and then a sharp turn, is really thrilling. After such a few rounds, my sister has been scared scared, legs are weak, and I was happy.

    Then, we went to sit on the Ferris wheel, sitting in the closed carriage, I felt slowly rising, and after a while, the Ferris wheel reached the top. From a distance, wow! What a beautiful view! Continuous mountains and rivers, green trees, bustling high-rise buildings, all can see, really stand high and see far ah!

    Happy times always pass quickly. In the evening, we left the playground reluctantly and set foot on the way home.

    This day, really happy happy day! I also look forward to the future summer life more colorful!







    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第15篇

    Friday, August 20th Sunny

    Sunday is my lucky day. Today, I did encounter many good things, and I dont even know which one to choose.

    In the morning, my grandmother suddenly called and called me to eat. My grandmothers house has always been the holy land of the world that I aspire to. There, everything is delicious and fun. Especially the courtyard in front of the door, with many vegetables planted, is simply my paradise. I feel sweet in my heart and shout, Oh yeah!!

    But another good thing came, squeezing out the good things ahead. What good thing? Good food. What to eat? Lamb! Uncle invited our whole family to have lamb for lunch. Lamb is my favorite food, and its also hot pot. I am very excited. My mother immediately took out her phone and called my grandmother to tell her that she wouldnt go for lunch.

    The phone hasnt finished yet, but another call came from my uncle. Originally, today Xuyi held the Lobster Festival. Uncle wants to take me and my brother to play. Previously, I dreamed of lobsters in my dreams, where cooked lobsters were everywhere and there were lobster eating competitions. I didnt expect it to be true, its exactly what Ive been dreaming of. I screamed, what about lamb? So, I found a flower, slowly picked off its petals, and let heaven make the decision

    The result is lamb, aging, and I can only give up lobster... In the afternoon, I watched my exercises online. Suddenly, I saw that I had won a personal competition on Phoenix Chinese Online. I was extremely excited and quickly selected the book. I am now waiting for the book to arrive.

    Why are there so many good things today? Im not sure either. Now, I am still intoxicated on the sofa because I have to watch a movie at night!








    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第16篇

    How time flies, the end of the summer vacation. Summer vacation for our primary school is colorful, colorful and happy. This summer vacation I had also very meaningful, happy!

    Summer vacation, I the most favorite thing to do is: ride a bike, playing badminton, playing with barbie dolls, watching TV, reading, listening to English, electronic piano...

    I always do my homework every morning, listening to English. Then go outside and play with the children. After dinner I will ride a bicycle go to football field, I and the children together to ride a bicycle, with one is really happy! The bad weather, I went to hong-li li play barbie doll; I sometimes find Wang Shubing, we play sisters together. When the weather is better, I will and my grandma in the old age home to play badminton, I will play football with Ceng Fen to football field.




    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第17篇

    The long-awaited summer vacation finally came, I was happy like a bird flying out of the cage.

    The first few days I am really happy, relaxed, free, do not have to get up at eight o clock every morning, do not have to complete the homework every day, I can do what I like to do at any time, I have a lot of time to read extracurricular books, watch their favorite TV programs, carefree sleep in, dilly-dallying to wear clothes, do not worry about being late. I played thoroughly for several days.

    I also have troubles, just a few days of freedom, my mother let me write a summer vacation plan, and let me seriously complete the plan. No friends to play, every day at home, I feel very bored.

    Then I went to the English interest class for 10 days, where I met some new classmates, I learned how to spell and memorize words, and I could play games with my classmates during the break. I was very happy.

    The next time is to do homework every day, now I have finished all the holiday homework, only looking forward to the start of school soon, in the holiday I also learned to ride a bike.

    I think its nice to have a holiday.







    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第18篇

    I spent most of my summer vacation outside of town.

    On August 1st, I went to my grandmothers house to visit my family and spent a beautiful and unforgettable 9-day summer vacation with my mother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, and tank brother. I have been to Longshou Mountain, the library, Lianhua Lake, Ruyi Lake, and boarded a small boat, leaving many happy and unforgettable memories in my grandmothers camera.

    Moms work is very busy, even though she is on family leave, she still often works late at night using a computer, which is very hard. There was another temporary work task waiting for my mother to go to another place, so I had to stay with my father at my grandmothers house for a few days. So I bid farewell to my grandmother and went to her house that day. I lived with my father, grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, and aunt for half a month.

    During this period, my mother may have been afraid that I might miss her. She rarely called me and spoke to me personally, only secretly called my father to inquire about my situation, and was more concerned about eating! Im used to eating the food my mother cooked at home, but Im really not used to changing my environment. I dont have an appetite, and I dont eat much. Of course, Im also worried about my grandmother and grandmother. They have no choice but to worry about me as a spoiled princess!

    School is about to start, I havent seen my mother for a few days, and I really miss my own small home. The taste of home has aroused my homesickness. My mother originally planned to go home from another place to pick me up with my father at my grandmothers house, but I cant wait! I heard that my mom can get home on the 22nd, but my dad drove me straight home! After several hours of long-distance travel, I finally went home!

    Entering the house, we saw our mother whom we hadnt seen in a few days. We hugged each other and wept, then burst into tears and smiled. I forgot my exhaustion all over, sitting in my mothers arms for a long time, unwilling to leave! The smell of home, the smell of mom, the smell of dad, the smell of my small bookshelf, everything in the house, all have the taste I am used to! Its so kind! I love my family! I love dad, mom, and I love to care about my loved ones!

    Mom turned on the computer and I watched a video with my grandmother. She knew that our family had safely returned home, and her heart, which had been lingering for a long time, finally fell to the ground! I am a second grade student at the beginning of school, and a new life has begun……








    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第19篇

    In this colorful summer vacation, I came to the clear Water Bay, which is said to be the first singing beach in our country. My wonderful summer vacation began here.

    In the morning, the sun unzipped the black zipper. I was suddenly attracted by a wonderful beach, I walked on the big beach with bare feet, ah! How the beach sand is so fine and soft, its better than stepping on an eiderdown mat. I suddenly feel itchy on the feet, looking back, I saw a string of small footprints in a crab to me brandishing big pliers, I cant help laughing.

    Not only are there wonderful beaches here, but there are also many wonderful scenery hidden under the sea. As long as you put on a diving suit to dive into the water, you can see small yellow and black fish in groups; The mighty lobster is wielding shears in full armor; Jellyfish of all colors swim about; Hermit crabs, timid as mice, crawl about on rocks; The flawless shell hides priceless treasures...

    Afternoon is the wonderful ocean music, Miss waves beat the stone drum, issued a crisp _clap_ sound; Fish brother singing bubble songs, issued a beautiful _purr_ sound; Sand brother playing flute, issued a pleasant _rustling_ sound. Aaargh! What a wonderful song! What a great arranger to compose such wonderful music!

    Clear Water Bay is wonderful, mysterious and beautiful. I love Clear Water Bay in Hainan, and I love this great arranger! This is my summer vacation life, do you like it?






    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第20篇

    Summer vacation passed in the blink of an eye, my homework is almost written, today is a leisurely day, mother agreed that we can not write homework today to have a good time to play one day.

    My family had planned to go to Beijing to have a look in the summer vacation, but the plan was canceled because of the weather. Today, my grandmothers uncle is getting married, and my mother is going to take us back to watch the fun.

    Woah! A big scene, the home is full of colorful balloons, a long small street covered with a red carpet, a big happy word affixed to the doors and Windows, peoples faces are filled with a happy smile, the sound of drums, firecrackers sound non-stop. Grandma and grandpa dressed up as all kinds of characters, wearing headgear garlands do yangko dance, it is so fun!

    The various ceremonies that followed took place amid gales of laughter.

    This is the first time I have seen such a scene, it is really unforgettable!






    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第21篇

    One day during the summer vacation, we were very bored, so the younger brother suggested, _lets go mountain climbing!_ _Good! Thats great! Dad agreed, so we decided to go climbing the mountain tomorrow.

    The next day, we got on the bus and took the food and set out. We were talking and laughing in the car, and we were almost there, and the younger brother said, _sister, can you climb up?_ _Of course I can climb up! I laughed at my brother and said, _I dont think you can climb up and test me!_ My brother was flushed with anger and said, _well, I can climb up! See whos laughing last!_

    Destination arrived, brother stood in the piedmont, legs are shaking, I saw it, laugh at him: _havent climb! Your legs trembling, certainly couldnt climb up!_ I made a face at my brother. This is the fathers proposal: _lets have a race! See who gets up first! Im going to go first!_ _Then he began to crawl. I see, ah, not good, hurry up! At the time of the first layer, I met two big sister, they are talking and laughing, I said to them: _big sister, mountain climbing is a consumption of physical strength as he spoke._ _Its all right._ I tried to climb ah climb, finally climbed to the third floor, fourth floor, fifth floor, at this time, I met in the first layer of the two big sister, at this time, they are too tired to asthma panting, they saw me, he said to me: _girl, we should have to listen to you. Is really too tired!_

    Sixth floor, I already tired panting, really afraid of dont go up, dad said to me: _ the persistence is victory. nothing is too difficult, as long as willing to climb._ hear the word of the father, I was full of energy, ran up to the top of the hill.

    Wow! What a beautiful mountain top! We took a few pictures on the top of the hill and went home.






    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第22篇

    In the summer vacation my life, that is called a rich and colorful, that rich can not be rich again, ha ha!

    I still remember my most interesting trip to Qingdao, alas! If it is interesting, it is not the most interesting, and if it is not interesting, it is not not interesting.

    Everything is good there, except that the food is terrible (Im not gluttonous). Let me tell you, when we went there to eat at first, we ate and ate and ate three live worms. We ended up eating instant noodles for three meals a day.

    Its also very interesting, especially the aquarium. In the aquarium, there are all kinds of sea life, such as: sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sea stars, sea turtles, sole, lionfish, coral fish, sharks, clownfish... Wait, thats a lot! I took a picture with the shark there, but after taking a picture, my father let me look behind, I turned my face upside down, and I was startled, a shark was opening a bloody mouth to bite me! I make faces, ha ha, you cant bite me! We also saw a lot of fish specimens, I was wondering, huh? How is that done? But its really beautiful!

    We also went to Qingdao next to the sunshine to play, where you can catch fish, I caught 4 fish, but I also got a fish hit, really bad luck!

    Ah, what a beautiful day to go to Qingdao!







    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第23篇

    During the summer vacation, my father and I, uncle, sister come to fishermen resort, a clear sky without a cloud, and the sun ground roast hot boiling, A south wind blew from the ground, rolled up a cold heat, HuoShaoHuoLiao to make the person feels suffocate. Weeds arrival not sun, all leaves rolled into the researchers, hot fish are full of beans, I thought: ”ha ha! What can catch fish.“ I am very happy feeling started fishing. First I put on a hook bait inserted in the water, and then to throw a distant, carefully look at floating on the surface of the water bottle, I patiently waiting. Murmuring pond water is very moving. Small roadside, rock voids, they are happy, no worries the flow of. Sunlight on water, flashing dazzling rays of light, as in the above spread full gold-rimmed ground silver. Occasionally, part of the stream gathered in a few stones middle, silently streamed down, ”Derek fisher in water gently swims. Several star drip drip down from stone, on the surface of the pan into layers of ripples. Suddenly, bottle something happens to water sink a bit, I hurried up lame, but a slippery small loach plop plop flooding back into the water, and I was very angry, and prepare for a new round of operational plan began.

    See beside sister caught a fish, hear again a family again and again to praise her, I was very defy spirit.

    Then, I again inserted bait, and throwing the water, and carefully waiting, because the weather was very hot, so I took out a bottle of coke in the refrigerator, while enjoying, and wait.

    At this moment, the rod in water by fish snapped three, I tried spooler, a fat fat fat fish before my eyes, I am happy to put the fish in a bucket.

    I saw dad caught a pick up a fish. Strips of free fish swims merrily, waves wind came to meet points, immediately make me feel relaxed and happy!

    Instant, came to the going down of the sun, dad in water fished two giant fish, about WuLiuJin, so I will not home safe.

    Through fishing enabled me to learn things must be patient, can harvest, so this time fishing, in my summer vacation is the most unforgettable thing!

    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第24篇

    Summer holiday is coming, the children are in a happy mood.

    Games are the childrens favorite, checkers, gobang, Go, flying machines and other educational toys one by one on the childrens desks. The children played happily and did not get tired all day. Some boys simply ran outside to play football, and did not come home at the dinner point, making their whole bodies sweaty, as if they had taken a bath.

    Learning is also indispensable, book record cards, excerpting books, comprehensive books and other school supplies have also boarded the childrens desks, the children carefully complete their homework, the day of the day to do things, never delay. The children struggle to read, their eyes beating little flames, so strong, so bright!

    I hope you all have a full and happy holiday. Also learn more knowledge!





    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第25篇




    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第26篇

    Thursday, July 6th Sunny

    Today, with a clear sky, I finished my homework early. Do you know why? Haha, this is because my mother promised me to teach me how to ride bicycles!

    As soon as I arrived at Nanhu Park, my mother helped me unlock a small blue car and let me practice on an open field. At first, as before, I fell down before riding too far and didnt make any progress. My mother saw this and came up with a solution: when I rode, she asked her to support me from behind and let me control the direction while riding. So, we rode according to my mothers instructions. Dont mention it, this method really worked. With my fathers help, my driving skills suddenly improved by leaps and bounds. We tried several more times, and gradually, I found the feeling of riding a bike. So I asked my father to let go, and I wanted to ride on my own. As soon as my father let go, my skills decreased again, but it was obvious that I had made significant progress compared to before.

    Although my cycling skills have improved, I still cant ride too far, so we started analyzing the reasons for this problem again. My mother told me that this is because when I first started, I always lowered my head and forgot to control the direction. Moreover, after stepping on my right foot, my left foot couldnt keep up, and the bike lacked power, so I couldnt walk far. If I can lift my head up and keep up with the power of my left and right feet, I believe I can definitely ride far.

    After listening to my mothers words, I understand. This time, I no longer lowered my head, looked ahead with both eyes, controlled the direction with both hands, and took turns getting up and down with both feet. Sure enough, the bike was riding far away. Haha, I finally learned how to ride a bike!






    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第27篇

    Summer vacation is coming, my mother and I are going to the water park together.

    We came to the water park, at this time, I found the water park there is a _water slide_ it! I was so happy that I hurried over to experience it. To my surprise, there was something hidden in this little slide. As soon as I sat on it, the powerful current rushed me down the _cliff_ and landed me on my back in the pool. Although I am so embarrassed, but my heart is very excited. I had so much fun with my mom that day!

    I like the water park very much and I think I will go there again next summer vacation.




    難忘的暑假生活怎么寫作文英語 第28篇

    Hello everyone my name is zhujiajian coagulation I read a grade semester has ended and now is a happy summer vacation!

    This summer vacation should be how? Well first tell me about my movement intend. Is learning to two bikes and badminton.

    Say again my summer class: Monday and Saturday morning to draw on Tuesday and Saturday nights learned weiqi Thursday and Friday morning to write early English school on Sunday. I plan to go swimming on Sunday afternoon.

    As for my summer vacation homework I also do more than half.

    I also hope the children can have a happy summer vacation.











    評論列表(7人評論 , 39人圍觀)


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